Dispersion Kneader Machine

Dispersion Kneader is used for processing and mixing all kinds of raw materials, including natural, rubber material

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    Dispersion Kneader

    Dispersion kneader machine are specially designed for processing single or mixing numerous raw materials, it range from low viscosity adhesive to high viscosity polymers, including natural rubber, synthetic rubber, plastic ,chemical , color master batch and etc.


    Dispersion Kneader is versatile, it feature very energy efficience , high speed ,excellent performance ,Automatic temperature control,easy operating process and friendly maintenance, it can save much labour and time for mass production.


    The dispersion kneader equipment perfectly controls the mixing and blending of raw material to form a uniform compound mixture ensuring better dispersion ,it is widely used in rubber and plastic industries .


    By mixing of such dispersion kneader machine , these two or more materials would form a homogeneous mixture. 


    There are one chamber equipped with two rotary blades, which is made of high-grade steel and  rotate in opposite directions when working. 


    Usually ,there are mainly two kinds of mixing machine ,one is banbury mixer and the other is dispersion kneader . These two machine look very similar ,so many people may be confused .

    Firstly , from the volume ,banbury mixer is larger than dispersion kneader . 

    Secondly , the way of discharge material is also different . for banbury mixer , its compound material are directly drop from the bottom . While the dispersion kneader , its material drop from front side door ,which can be tilted, at most 140°..

    Thirdly ,banbury intensive mixer is much more efficient than dispersion kneader ,its mixing effect is also much better than that of dispersion kneader.

    Forthly , of course ,the cost of banbury mixer is more expensive than dispersion kneader .


    So according to your needs ,you can chose ideal equipment .

    We offer a wide range of dispersion kneader for your choise , from lab scale to industrial dispersion kneader,ranging from 1L to 110 litre ,we can custom made as per your needs .


    All these machinery are made of high quality tested components by our our skilled engineers. Based on the advanced technology, these machines are known for their time saving and high strength attributes.