*Rubber hydraulic press equipment for laboratory
* High precision and high wear-resistant to support strong load force and stable lifting
* Has two layer ,including heating and cooling plate
* Adopt electric heating and  tap water cooling system
* Feature with PID temperature control to fast heat and precisely control the temperature
* PLC Control system
*Available from 10ton to 300ton in manual and auto control


High precision lab vulcanizing machine is also known as laboratory hydraulic press equipment, it is mainly applicable for R &D in the laboratory.

This lab vulcanizing machine consists of a host, hydraulic systems, electrical control system, it is equipped with a high-performance hydraulic system, which features with automatic pressure compensation function.

The rubber vulcanizer press machine has two working layers, its upper one is for the heating plate, which is heated by electricity and its lower one is a cooling plate, which is cooled by a tap water cooling system.

When produced, the raw rubber material is placed in the casting mold and clamped between the electric-heating flat plates, so that to apply pressure and temperature. By heating, this hydraulic press equipment would make the material shaping, testing, and serving as the basis for the ingredient of mass production.

We custom-made and supply a variety of hydraulic press equipment, they are available from 10ton to 300 ton, they are available in automatic control or manual control.

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