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Food Extruder Machine Twin Screw Extrusion

Food extrusion is an established and highly versatile technique for the production of food, feed, nutritional additives and flavors.

The extrusion process allows the mass production of food through a continuous and efficient system. Generally, extruded food products have a high starch content. Some examples include pasta, bread, many breakfast cereals and snacks, confectionery, prepackaged cookie dough, bread sticks, some baby food, whole soy, textured vegetable protein, feeds, croquettes, some beverages and dry and semi-moist pet foods.

A food extruder machine is used to grind raw ingredients freely and use different shaped moulds or die , and produce food items in various shapes like pellets, ring, ball, flake, star, moon, letter and so on.


The most commonly used extruders machine in the food industry include single-screw and twin-screw systems. 
The most commonly used extruders machine in the food industry include single-screw and twin-screw systems. 
Laboratory extruders machine are also used for food processing, by mixing soft mixed ingredients through an opening of die which is designed to produce the ideal shape and size. The food, passing through the extruder barrel, is cut according to the designed size. 

The thermochemical environments inside the extruder machine may are greatly caused by the below factors:

*Screw profile
*Set temperature
*Screw speed

In the polymer extrusion industry, single screw extruders are the most common continuous extruders due to their various advantages like low cost, simple design, toughness, reliability, and high performance or cost ratio.

extruder machine
plastic extruder machine

These factors affect the local heat conduction, heat dissipation, velocity profile, and residence time inside the extruder.

The common layout of single screw extruders consists of:

Heating elements –used to set the axial temperature profile of the barrel

Feed hopper and entry -placed upstream of the extruder

Die –placed at the other end of the extruder

Twin Screw Extruders

The twin screw extruders was called this name becasue it come with two screw in the design .The extrusioin is one process by forcing a mixture of ingredients through die,and  finally produce a quantity of specifically shaped food products.
 Twin screw extruders are used to transform plastic polymers and food components into a desired form, shape, and product. By using twin screw extruder machine ,it can can be pipes, technical profiles, pellets, medical devices and pet food etc.

Compared to single screw extruder , twin screw extruders have a better mixing capability that helps working with more difficult materials.
Basically ,Twin Screw extruders feature higher mixing capabilities, better control of process parameters, high speed of processing and better processing of much harder materials like PVC.

Twin screw extruders can be divided into two and can be further subdivided:

Intermeshing extruders

  1. Co-rotating extruders

  2. Counter-rotating extruders

Non-intermeshing extruders

   1. Counter-rotating extruders

   2. Co-rotating extruders

   3.Co-axial extruders

twin screw extruders
twin screw extruders

Extruder Screw

The extruder screw is the most important component of the extruder. Basically, a screw is a cylindrical rod with changing diameter and helical flights around it. This component is responsible for the conveying, heating, and mixing of the material.

Usually ,for most extruders machine, its outside diameter of the screw, from the flight-to-flight tip is constant.  Basically carbon steels are the most common material which are used in screws. But there are also many other material used for screw ,like as low carbon steel, stainless steel, tool steel, nickel-based materials, and hard facing materials.

twin screw extruders
twin screw extruders and compounding machines