*Lab twin screw extruder plastic granules making machine,controlled by PLC system
*Applied in research and small batch production for university and institue
*Experimental/small batch production ,compounding and granulating system
*Screw element and spliner shaft adopts involute to connect,high transfer torque and easy to assembly
*The diameter of screw are available in Φ25,Φ30,Φ35 and Φ40, L/D=1:40
*Barrel and screw element adopt high quality nitride steel
*Barrel heating system is electric heater, its No. 2 barrel and the extrusion head are cast copper heaters
*Used embedded screen exchanger ,simple and effective


Extruder machine is simply equipment which is used to complete the extrusion process,and produce sheets and strips of stock metal, plastic and rubber shapes.

The lab twin screw extruder is used for minimum capacity 2kg per hour ,it is mainly used for laboratory in unversity & institute  , it is  mainly used for experiment that testing the melting temperature and chemical properties of the thermo-plastic such as PVC, PPR, PE , PP , HDPE, LDPE, masterbatch and other Polymer material.

This twin screw extruder come with PLC system,which feature high-level touch screen panels for manual or automatic operations. Its operating paramete are displayed in the screen for better control and operation.

Our twin screw extruder are widely used for High Concentration Color Masterbatch (including PE,ABS,PS,EVA,PET,PP + color +additives, etc),Filler Masterbatch, Additive Masterbatch, Biodegradable Plastic, Cable Compounding, Engineering Plastics Reinforcing (GF),

PVC Compounding, Polyolefin Compounding, Reacting Direct Extrusion, Thermoplastic Elastomers,

PET pelletizing and other plastic such as PP, PA, PBT, ABS, AS, POM, PPS, PET, etc, Ploymer compounding such as PC+ABS, PA+ABS,CPE+ABS,PP+EPDM,PA+EPDM,  PA+SBS, etc



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