*Rubber open mixing mills with PLC system,fully automatical

*PLC programmable color touch screen, man-machine interface system, all the parameters can be set arbitrary and control

*Roller structure: Medium hole roller, roller hardness (Hs) 58-65,mirror chromium plating

*Auto-lubrication system for grease or oil and match bearing bush

* Heating method :Electro-thermal tube

*Size are available in Ø120×L320mm and Ø150×L320mm


This rubber open mixing mill with PLC consists of roll, bearing, gap adjusting device, electric control system, safety device, etc, it is controlled by PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), it is completely automatical laboratory equipment.

Due to this special feature, this automatic open mixing mill can monitor the whole working procedure, such as mixing time control, temperature control, and data import and export.  There is one touch screen installed on this rubber mixing mill, which can manage the system and shows graphic data.


The roller of laboratory equipment is made of high-quality carbon steel, which is treated by nitriding. Its surface is coated by chromium, the bearing capacity is strong, making the service life longer. The roller adopts 360 degrees emergency and reverses braking devices, it has infrared automatic detection and ergonomics security to ensure the operator’s safety when working.


Our laboratory mixing mill with PLC intelligent soft control system is easy to import or export data and record. It is high accuracy in control and measurement of mixing temperature and ratio.


We are a direct manufacturer of rubber machines, we can custom and provide a variety of rubber machines, including dispersion kneaders, rubber mixing mills, automatic rubber mills, and hydraulics press machinery.

All of our laboratory roll milling machines feature comprehensive optional functions and secure devices, which ensure the accuracy of the formula and high efficiency.

Our rubber open mixing mills are widely used in rubbers and the plastics industry for polymer mixing, such as PVC, color masterbatch.

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