*Rubber vulacanizing press machine,applicable to R & D in laboratory
*Consists of host, hydraulic systems, electrical control system
*Equipped with a high performance hydraulic system with automatic pressure compensation function
*High precision and high wear-resistant to support strong load force and stable lifting
*Electric heating and PID temperature control to fast heat and precisely control the temperature
* It has device of pressure, time, automatic temperature control device
* Suitable for producing o-ring, seal ring, rubber sheet and other rubber products


This vulcanizing press machine is applicable for formula design of rubber and plastic matieral,heat and pressure vulcanization treatment of rubber ,research on the vulcanization process of rubber etc.

When working ,you need to put the rubber material between two layers of plated,which would be heated at a set temperature specially for your material . After high temperature and pressure ,the vulcanization would be finished ,finallly your ideal material shape would come out .

Our rubber vulcanizing press machine adopt four-column structure. For high precision guide pillars have strong load capacity ,stable lifting and excellent wear resistance. There are upper and lower working area ,which is made of 4 piece of KDB solid high-carton steel,which feature high temperature resistance ,cooosion resistance ,fast heat conduction and neve deform after high temperature or heat. The upper layer is heating plate built-in heating tube and high-precision temperature sensor,which can keep the temperature to 300 degree celsius. While the lower plate is cooling layer. It allows water circulation inside the plate. By way of this cooling way ,your mateiral can be cooled immediately after hot press ,finally form to be your designed shape and effect .
And the bottom plate is connnected to the piston rod of hydraulic system. When hydraulic system begin to work ,the piston rod move up and down to 180mm highness ,so that control the heating and cooling plates as per needs.

Our rubber vulcanizer machine is equiped with high performance oil pressure system,with a high precision oil cylinder and oil pressure sensor. Before working ,you can preset the time and pressure as per your material’s feature ,and this equipment can automatically pressurize and also depressurize during working .

Such vulcanizing press machine have many pressure range for your choice,from 30ton to 100tons. We also can custom made as per your needs,both for plate size and your temperature needed.

Thse lab rubber vulcanizer fature PLC touchscreen control,which make this equipment easier and convenient to operate, And this vulcanizer press machine is also real-time responsive,like temperature,current ,oil pressure and time are all displayed on the screen. The real-time data of various command swithches and monitoring data are integrated into this high-definition display screen,so that you can transport at any time in your computer .You also can see the dynamic of molding process ,temperature,pre-pressing time and pressuring time ,you can adjust the pressure,heating on this screen.

Our Lab rubber vulcanizing press machine is mainly for rubber vulcanization, thermosetting plastics, and insulation products of pression, it is widely used for R & D in laboratory and college or university lab or institute. It is appliable for rubber(include raw and synthetic rubber ), plastic, silicone material.



1. Capacity: 10/20/25/30/50/100 tons optional
2. Temperature range: room temperature ~ 300℃,±2℃
3. Temperature controller: LED digital display, key setting input, numerical display output (optional program control type)
4. Heating method: Electrical Heating
5. Cooling method: tap water cooling (connection port of customer’s own water source)
6. Heating time: about 35min at room temperature ~200℃
7. Exhaust frequency: 0 ~ 10 times can be set
8. Gradient pressure: 2 segments
9. Pressure table: 0 ~ 350kg/cm2
10. Working area: double-layer working area with upper heating and lower cooling
11. Area of the electric board: 300×300x60mm; Area of cooling plate: 300*300mmx60mm
12. Distance of pressing plate: 80mm
13. Pressing plate material: SKD chrome-molybdenum alloy
14. Pressing plate surface: HRC60 mirror chrome plating
Power source: 3 wire, AC380V, 20A three-phase five-wire, can be custom as per your needs


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