* High forming speed
* Highly efficient and Easy operation system
* Able to form at relatively low resin temperatures
* Precision calender with direct compression
*Temperature controllable, solid rollers made of special steel
* Width and thickness ranges for films are wide and control precision is high
* Profile control is simple, and film uniformity and dimensional precision are high


Calender machine is  used to press the mixed and refined raw material sheet.

This 3 roller calender machine is used for rubber compound sheeting, textiles rubberized, steel cord fabric rubberized, rubber billet pressure type, film laminating ply tire and paste isolation film etc. And the rubber calendering machinery are also suitable for calendering plastic film,PVC film,EVA,wallpaper other new materials.

The 3 roller calender machine comprise of rubber or plastics. it comprise base,rack, two rollers, motor,reducer,  friction gear,  distance regulator, thin oil lubrication device and other main parts/components. Its roller is made of chilled cast iron with vanadium and titanium alloys,which is hard and anti-wear. This rolls  are separately driven by DC motors, which allow you to adjust the speed range seperately .

Basically ,the roller are either circumferentially drilled or centrally bored,which make temperature well proportioned on the roll surface on working. Thus ,throught this special design ,it is great to heat up or cool down and process your raw material sheet.

Simptek Equipment Machinery offer a comprehensive service for premium quality calenders machine ,from design to manufacturing and after-sale service. We respond to various requests, such as rubber sheet calenders for vehicle tires and calenders for various plastics and films.

We can custom made calender machine in wide range of size ,from small laboratory calender machine sized  6”x18” to 26”x84” industrial production machines. They can be furnished with Two, Three, Four and Five Rolls and in a number of different arrangements.



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