* Cutting knife made of high quality alloy 9CrSi, wear-resistant, sharp, high hardness
* Feature solid construction, reasonable design, high production efficiency, easy operation
* High quality precision cutting
* Simple operation and easy to maintain
* Oil cylinder made of high pressure cylinder seamless steel cylinder
* The nylon plate is installed on the base under the cutting knife for protecting the edge of the cutting knife
*Equipped with hydraulic power pack and double acting hydraulic cylinder
* Applicable for natural rubber, synthetic rubber, plastic materials etc



The rubber cutting machine mainly consists of rubber knife, frame,cylinder, oil pump,base, hydraulic system and electric system.

The machine is a frame structure, its cutting knife is controlled by hydraulic system, and reciprocating motionand ,and  the cutter is directly mounted on the piston rod of the upper cylinder, and has a simple structure and is easy to operate.

When working, just put the raw rubber under the rubber knife, then press the start button, the knife can cut the rubber as per your needs into designed thickness and size.

Out rubber bale cutter machine is suitable for cutting material such as rubber sheet, leather, plastic material, vacuum foaming products, nylon, EPDM rubber , silicone rubber , NBR,paper boards and synthetic.

Besides ,this rubber Bale Cutter is very flexible and is suitable to cut most common rubber compounds, including:



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