*MaterialL Stainless steel 304 / 316L, Carbon Steel
*Mixing, Blending and kneading of high Viscosity Materials, with a combined action of Bulk Movement, Kneading, stretching folding, dividing and Recombining.
*High Mixing Precision, Short Batch Time, Problem free Cleaning and Residue Free Discharge.
*Automated mixing and granulating process in single bowl.
*Available in Capacity from up to 1000 Kg Industrial Productions.


This sigma mixer machine is used for kneading, mixing, curing and polymerization of high viscosity and elastic-plastic materials. The kneader mixer can be used to produce silicone rubber, sealant, hot melt glue, food glue base, medicine preparation and so on.
These sigma mixer machine are a special kind of mixture mixing equipment, they are commonly adopt two Σ blade, using tangent type differential arranged side by side at different speed, which enables the mixing of the material to shear quickly, so that the material can be mixed evenly.
The kneading reactor is a horizontal mixing machine with two Sigma, or Z-type blades. These blades are driven by separate gears at different speeds, one running faster than the other. The reactor has one powerful motor and a speed reducer to drive the two blades. The kneader reactor usually has a W-type barrel with a hydraulic tilt that turns it, and a heating jacket outside.
Our kneader reactor is one ideal equipment for kneading、mixing、crushing、dispersing and re-polymerizing high viscosity materials or elastic-plastic materials such as rubber, silicone rubber, adhesive, resin, high viscosity sealant, glass glue, chewing gum, bubble gum, toothpaste, paints, dyes, pigments, printing ink, hot melt adhesive sealant, Plastics, pharmaceuticals, paper pulp, carbon fiber, cosmetics, battery, food stuff, etc.
1. Volume: 5L-5000L
2. Material: Stainless steel 304 / 316L, Carbon Steel
3. Condition: New condition, 100% manufactured by Laizhou Newhongda
4. Stirring paddle: Sigma / Z-shape blades
5. Speed control: PLC system with inverter to control the paddle rotating speed as request
6. Optional type: Normal kneader / Vacuum kneader / Pressure kneader
7. Optional heating method: Electric heating method / Steam heating method, The water cooling system can be chosen
8. Optional discharging way: Hydraulic turning cylinder pumping type / Ball valve discharging type / Screw extrusion type / Manual dumping type


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