•Lab scale two Roll silicone rubber mixing mill.

•Material of Rolls: Made from chilled cast Iron hollow ground finished for even heating & cooling.

•Roller bearing: Anti-friction Spherical Roller Bearing.

•Brake and emergency stop devices can guarantee the operator’s safety.

•Human nature designed the controlling system to ensure labor safety.

•Specially designed seal structure can eliminate the leaking phenomenon of lubricating oil.

•Widely used in rubbers and plastics industry for polymer mixing, such as PVC, color master batch.


The silicone mixing machine is suitable for mixing rubber, synthetic rubber, E.V.A. or P.V.C., etc. It is used for Extruder, Calender, Hot Press, or other processing machinery to make Rubber or Plastic products.

The rubber mixing machine mainly comprises a body-shaped frame, frame, roller, transmission gear, gear reducer, motor, and other parts. It is specially designed for bearing heavy loads under extreme working conditions; the lab scale two roll mixing mill is suitable for polymers such as rubber and plastic industry mixing process.

This lab open mixing rubber mill is mainly used for mixing silica gel and rubber equipment. It has fine structure, safety and convenience, broad applicability, and high efficiency.

The roller is made of chilled cast iron, hollow, and filled with water but a water system. Its front roller is driven by a pair of speed ratio gears installed at the left end of the roller, while the rear roller is driven to rotate by the transmission gear. Thus, the two rolls would rotate at different speeds in relative directions, mixing the material well.

Mixing machines for silicone and other chemicals are essential for manufacturing products that require high consistency and viscosity. Mixing mill products are designed specifically for this purpose and are the perfect choice for anyone looking to produce high-quality liquid silicone rubber.

This versatile machine is perfect for high and low viscosity mixers, making it the perfect choice for liquid silicone rubber production. Additionally, our mixer can also be used for other chemical production, such as paint, chewing gum, ink, silicone sealant, and more.


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