* The roll is made of KDB high=carbon steel whose surface’s hardness can reach up to 65 HRC
* The roller inside is drilled ,so that the virculating water can flow and cool the roller
* Double-roller mirror chrome plating, uniform temperature
* With heating device to heat the roller evenly to your ideal value. ( electric ,oil and steam heating are available )
* With manual roll nip adjustment device ,so that you can manually adjust the distance between of two roller.
* Temperature range: normal temperature-250 degree
* Power supply: AC380V, 22A three-phase five-wire (customer-provided power connection port)
* Roller size: Φ120*L320mm
* Dimention : L750xW350xH930mm
* Weight: about 210 kg


This benchtop laboratory two roll mill is also called two roll open mill, two roll rubber mixer ,it is a compact electric mixing equipment which is used to shear and compress polymers material ,like rubber ,silcone ,plastic ,elastorner ,it is suitable suitable for plasticizing and dispersing for color master batch, PVC, EVA ,plastic and pigment.

The laboratory mixing machine consists of roll, bearing, gap adjusting device, electric control system, safety device, etc. it is important equipment for formula development, small batch testing or sample production , color matching . These lab mixing mill are successfully used for research, development and quality control all over the world.

These two roller of this open mixing mill are heated by electric and cooled to specific temperatures to facilitate the mixing process. The rollers are typically made of high-quality steel and are coated with a layer of rubber or plastic to prevent sticking and improve mixing efficiency.

Simptek Machine is one of the very most renowned two roll mill manufacturers and ensures the production of good quality products ideal for varied industrial applications.
The machine is equipped with a frequency converter that allows for adjustable roller speeds to meet the dispersion requirements of different raw material formulations.

Applications of Two Roll Mill

PVC powder mixing and colour sampling
Polymer milling mixing
Plastics formulation mixing test
Rubber mixing test
Material development, material testing, quality control, education


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