* Constructed by 304 Stainless steel material and food grade PVC belt
* Easy-to-use with settings for tare, upper and lower weight limits
* Touch screen; friendly operation interface.
* Variable belt speed control
* Simple mechanical structure, can quickly remove cleaning maintenance.
* Can store 200 kinds of product parameters, the convenient user use
* Anti-vibration legs with height adjustment
* Built-in temperature and noise compensation system, ensure the data is reliable.
* The dynamic weight compensation technology, ensure the data to be more effective
* Access protection by password
* Several belt dimensions available, customized to your application


The automatic checkweighers are also known also as belt weighers, the check weigher is used to check whether the weight of single product meet the needs of set goal , and the sorting device automatically eliminates the substandard products.

The maximum conveying speed of the sorting scale can be adjustable,ranging from 4 meter to 55 meters per minute. Its height can also be adjust if need.

The check weight conveyor is mainly used for automatic weight detection, upper and lower limit discrimination or weight classification on various automatic assembly lines and logistics delivery systems.
It could embed in a variety of production/transportation lines and conveyor systems, weigh each product one by one and reject the wrong weight automatically.

This check weight machine is widely used for online detection in rubber , silcone, food, toy, hardware, chemical ,bulk paper bags, plastic bags, cartons, metallized film packaging and other industries.

In addition, it can also directly replace manual weighing, in order to improve production efficiency and the consistency of weighing for manufactories .



Weighing product Weight range (1g-50kg)
Max size: (700*500*500 mm L*W*H)
Weighing capacity 50kg
Minimum graduation 0.01g
Weighing speed 40pcs/min
Weighing accuracy ±30-50g
Weighing belt size 900mm*600mm (L*W)
Weighing direction From left to right (Facing the operation display)
Weighing sensor Germany HBM
Control system Dahang (Independent R & D)
Operation display 8 inches touch screen
Weighing data output USB port
Rejecting type pusher with light alarming
Products parameters Can restore and recall 100 products
Belt conveyor PVC Belt
Language English
Height of conveyor 750+60mm (Customized)
Power supply Single phase AC220V±10%, 50/60HZ
Construction SUS304, polishing
Using environment Normal
Package With plastic film inside and professional export wooden case outside.
HS code 84232010.00


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