* 3 conveyors: Buffering belt, weighing belt and rejecting belt
* Strong stainless steel 304 structure ensure stable performance and precise weighing
* Reliable and stable weighing control system
* High speed digital filter processing and automatic zero tracking function
* LCD Touch screen control system and more stability and easier to operate;
* Quickly shift and automatic self-adjustment;
* USB memory storage , Detection and records check data


Automatic checkweigher machine is also known as automatic check weight machine,weight sorting checkweigher, it is an automatic or manual machine used for checking the weight of items. It is used to check whether the weight of commodity weight meet with that of preset weight range or not. If it is not, there will be a rejector to remove off the unqualified products automatically. Any item that are outside the tolerance are taken out of line automatically, while qualify bags will be passed the next equipment.

Check weigher is widely used in electronic hardware, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, beverage, health care products, and many other industries. For example, it can be used in food industry to check the weight of bread, cake, hams, instant noodles, frozen food, food additives, preservative etc, packaging products like bag, sachet, box, jar, cans, cartons, etc.


The above machine which we supply it to you, we can give you one years after sales warranty, we can also send our engineers to you factory to install this equipment and train your staffs, but the Buyer should bear the round air ticket cost and arrange the hotel accommodation as well as the means for Seller’s engineer. We will send some free set of spare parts for you change it.


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