* Made of durable, sanitary stainless steel

* Huge transporting capacity

* Durable with low driving power

* Designed to boost production speeds by transporting materials from one place to another

* Great for heavier, more challenging material

* Wide range of lifting capabilities


This skip conveyors machine comprise of motor, decelerator, chain transmission, guiding frame, hopper, and electrical control. Its hopper is dragged along the guiding frame up and down .


The bucket elevators is made of durable, sanitary stainless steel, they are designed for easy washdowns. These bucket elevators are an energy and space-efficient way to transport products in large and small quantities.

The bucket elevator is used to transport or elevate goods and materials from one place to another endpoint quickly and easily. The buckets  elevator are connected to a chain or belt which moves when the equipment starts to function. The contents of the bucket are moved from one location to another when the belt moves. The belt is either chain driven or friction driven.


Bucket conveyor machine is specially used between rubber dispersion Kneader machine or intensive mixer and rubber mixing mill ,it is used as  carrying machinery instead of manual labor and thus increased working efficiency.

This elevatory bucket conveyor carry the processed material unloaded from banbury mixer or dispersion kneader to open mixing mill, extruder and sheeter or other machines to process.


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