*Cutting knife: use of high quality alloy 9CrSi, wear-resistant, sharp, high hardness
* Better quality cutting
* High-quality precision cutting
* Higher productivity
* Greater flexibility
* Cuts both natural as well as synthetic rubber bales
* Equipped with hydraulic power pack
* Simple operation and easy to maintain
* Cuts both natural as well as synthetic rubber bales
* Ideal for small and large production requirements



The rubber bale cutter is designed for use in the tire industry ,rubber conveyor belt industry and other rubber products . This equipment is applied to cut raw material into small pieces for plasticating and mixing, it is suitable for natural rubber ,synthetic rubber ,reclaimed rubber and plastic material .
The Rubber Bale cutter machine mainly consists of cutter , rack , hydraulic station ,machine base ,electrical cabinet ,etc, it is widely placed near the rubber kneader machine , cutting big rubber material into small pieces for next step .
When you need cut the material , just put the material into feeding roller , and feeding roller will feed the material under the knife , then press the motor button in cabinet , knife will fall down and cut the material

You can opetate this cutting machine as following step:

1. Check blade is in the up position.
2.Open the gate.
3.Place slab of rubber along the cutting edge.
4.Leave the cage area and close the gate.
5.Press the cut button to lower the blade to cut the rubber slab.
6.Blade rises after the cut sequence; wait until the blade is fully up.
7.Open the gate to remove the cut pieces.
8.Repeat the cycle.




                                                                                                                                          Technical Parameter

Model SMT-8T SMT-12T SMT-16T SMT-100T
cutting force 8 T 12 T 16T 98 T
knife of cutter 660mm 880mm 1100mm 10 pieces knife
cutter of stroke 700mm 800mm 1000mm 1100mm
motor 5.5 kw 7.5 kw 11kw 22 KW
speed 20-30mm/s 20-30mm/s 20-30mm/s 110mm/s
machine weight 1000 kg 1200 kg 1500kg 7000 kg


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