* High speed EVA and PE splitting & skiving machinery
* Easy to operate, high speed, high accuracy
* Drive bearings are imported to assure long life time and high duration
* High production capacity and efficiency.
* Close splitting tolerance of +/-0.1mm when splitting thin sheets
* Suitable for rubber, EVA ,PE.EPE and EPS material
* Can skive & split blocks, slabs and roll goods
* Thickness of the plates to be broken can be set with a digital switch,assuring high accuracy
*Rubber cork, Cr, pearl cotton, EPP, EVA, XPE, EPE, EPDM foam sheet
* Splitting sole of sports shoes ,beach shoes,slipper
* Max splitting width (MM):1800
* Max feeding thickness (MM):150
* Sheet thickness (MM):0.5-60
* Sheet accuracy (MM):±0.05
* Speed (M/MIN)(low): 8 20 27 (high):15 35 47
* Motor powder Splitting: 7.8
* Grinder: 2×0.75
* Up down: 2×0.2
* Dimension(L): 4000(W): 1050(H): 1700


The powerful foam skiving machine ,also named as splitting machines or EVA or PE slicer machine,it is equipped with a standard set of custom pressure-shape roll and applied to splitting the foamed rubber, foamed EVA, PE,etc. at a  high speed and precision.

The EVA&PE sheet splitting machine feature highly efficient and accurate to shave raw material in sheet to any required thickness,it is applied to splitting the foamed rubber, foamed EVA, PE,etc. at a  high speed and precision.

This rubber splitting machine is suitable to cut rubber foam board, EVA foam board sports soles, beach shoes, slippers and other materials’ in concave-convex shape ,it is suitable for the highly and lowly foaming and processing of rubber, PE and EVA, featuring high speed and high accuracy.

Item Contents Dimensions
1 Skiving width 1800mm
2 Skiving Thickness 0.3-100 mm
3 Skiving Hardness 10°-80°
4 Skiving Speed 10M-40 M/min
5 Skiving Precision ±0.05 m/m Or ±5%
6 Drive Power 11KW
7 Blade Belt Dimension 1.0×90×8100m/m
8 Skiving Dimension 3900×1150×2100m/m
9 Equipment Weight About3000KG
Splitting width 1700mm 2100mm
Splitting hardness 80-850 80-850
Splitting precison ±0.05mm ±0.05mm
Splitting thickness 120mm/60mm 120mm/60mm
Speed 10-40m/min 10-40m/min
Equipment weight 3400kgs


Installation size 3900x1150x2100mm 4300x1150x2100mm
Motor power 11KW



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