* Small Laboratory dispersion kneader mixer machine
*Designed for small-batch processing and a wide variety of contemporary mixing needs
*Rotor:Abrasion resistant hard alloy,Plated with hard chromium.
*Temperature and time control system:Imported PLC control system to provide a 100% mixing effect.
* Easy to operate and color changing
* The mixing chamber is constructed with heat resistance, weather resistannce and anti-corrsive
* Used for plasticizing and mixing Rubber Compound, Plastic ,Masterbatch ,Ceramic and Chemical materials
* Widely used for factory lab, universities and R&D institutions


Lab dispersion Kneader is used for plasticating and mixing rubber ,chemical and plastic in lab for testingLab dispersion Kneader is used for plasticating and mixing rubber ,chemical and plastic in lab for testing.

The rubber kneader is easy to reload and clean,it adopt pressed mixer chamber,which greatly ensure the quality of mixing and kneading to get the best efficiency.

This laboratory lab dispersion kneader feature high-efficiency and good dispersing effect, it is mainly used for R&D in manufacturer& factory lab, universities ,institue or small-scale production.  These dispersion kneader are ideal for rubber, chemical ,EVA PVC TPR PE ,color masterbatch and plastic etc. Our rubber machinery are widely applied for electric wire, cable, electronics, sole, sports equipment and auto parts industries for rubber, plastic and chemical production mixing and plasticizing.

Advantages of Mixer mixing:

1. The mixing time is short, the production efficiency is high, and the quality of the rubber compound is good;
2. The operation capacity of the rubber filling capacity, mixing and other operations is high, the labor intensity is small, and the operation is safe;
3. The compounding agent has small loss of flying, low pollution and hygienic work site.

Technique Parameter

Mixing room total capacity


Mixing chamber effective capacity


Front and rear rotor speed

Upper top bolt cylinder diameter                          100mm
Compressed air pressure                        0.5~08Mpa
Vapor pressure                        0.5 ~ 0.8Mpa
Cooling water pressure                         0.2 ~ 0.4Mpa
Mixing room flip angle                           130 °C
Draw gate operation mode                            sliding
Main motor                          4KM
Flip motor                          0.5KM

1000 × 580 × 1300 (W × D × H) mm







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