* Short mixing time ,high efficiency production and good quality rubber compound

*An automatic temperature and time control system to provide a 100% mixing result.

* Each batch need about 6~10minutes to output equivalent for 2 open mixing mill

* Pressurized and sealed mixing chamber to provide high mixing performance and prevent the environment.

*Easy installation, operation and maintenance, lower the running cost.

* Easy to clean chamber and changing colors

*  It is used for plasticating and mixing rubber and plastic testing


Rubber Lab kneader machine are applied for mixing of small lot samples of raw material, such as rubber, plastics, EVA, TPR and chromoplast etc.

This kind of laboratory kneader machine feature with small volume, and lower power consumption, it is engineered for use in rubber and rubber product factories or unversity & institute.

The pressurized rubber kneader machine is used to kenad raw rubber material,it is widely used in rubber and rubber product feaild ,this kneader machine would help to process rubber for the production of tires ,cable,rubber hoses ,belts ,shoes and seals and even ceramics etc.


Plastic Dispersion Kneader

dispersion kneader

chemical mixing machine


plastic mixing machine

plastic mixng machinery

lab dispersion kneader

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