*Hydraulic pressure ram type dispersion kneader machine

*An automatic temperature and time control system to provide a 100% mixing effect.

* Easy to clean chamber and changing colors.

*In 6~10 minutes/batch of output equivalent to 2 units of mixing mill.

*Pressurized and sealed mixing chamber to provide high mixing performance and prevented environmental pollution.

*Easy to install,operate and maintenance to reduce running cost.

*Suitable for rubber, Rubber sole,EVA,TPR,Hoses Belts, Sponges,  Tire, Tapes, Master Batches, Rubber Parts, Chemical

Industry Compounds etc


The Rubber Machinery is designed with high precision,it is equipped with an automatic cooling system for maintaining stable ,feature high speed mixing and excellent performance

This industrial dispersion kneaders machine are mainly used for plasticizing,masticating and mixing batch production ,it is ideal for natural rubber, synthetic rubber, reclaimed rubber and plastics, foaming plastics etc.

These automatical dispersion mixer machine are suitable for a wide range of material, ranging from low viscosity adhesives to high viscosity rubber. Our intensive banbury mixer are applicable for rubber,chemical, EVA, TPR, rubber soles, sandles, rubber rollers, tires, sponges, inner tubes, rubber rings, rubber tubes, rubber belts, wheels, erasers, packings, oil seals, fitness equipment, balls, bottle plugs, shock absorbing rubber, steam hoses, soft PVC flooring, adhesive tapes, rubber magnets, pigments, inks, corks, electrical parts, and other automobiles and motorcycles.

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