* Short mixing time ,high efficiency production and good quality rubber compound

*Low labor intensity and low energy consumption.

*An automatic temperature and time control system to provide a 100% mixing result.

* Each batch need about 6~10minutes to output equivalent for 2 open mixing mill

* Pressurized and sealed mixing chamber to provide high mixing performance and prevent the environment.

*Pressurized sealed mixing chamber to ensure the quality of the mixture outside and prevent environmental pollution

* Easy to clean chamber and changing colors

*  Suitable for stiring, kneading and dispersion of all kinds of chemical raw materials

* Easy for operation ,easy for changing color ,high quality processed products


Rubber dispersion kneader machine is mainly used for plasticizing and mixing of natural rubber, synthetic rubber, reclaimed rubber and plastics, foaming plastics, and used in mixing of all kinds of low viscosity materials . This rubber dispersion kneader machine feature with small volume, and lower power consumption.


The lab dispersion kneader is mainly consisted of rotor mixing chamber, feeding and pressing device, discharging device, transmission device, sealing device, lubrication system, pneumatic system( Mechanical gravity ) or hydraulic equipment, heating and cooling system and electrical control system.


Our plastic kneader machine are environmental-friendly, high-efficiency and good dispersing effect, it feature with human-orientated design and easy to reload and clean, it has been recognized by factory lab, universities and R&D institutions for recipe researching and small-scale production.


We are direct machine manufacturer , can custom and supply you these machine : Rubber kneader & Dispersion kneader machinery, Internal mixer& Banbury mixer machine , two roll Open mill &Open mixing and other kinds of related machine .

 lab kneader machine

Rubber Lab Internal Mixer Machine


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