•Used for mixing raw rubber, especially synthetic rubber, suitable for masterbatch, PVC, plastic etc.

•Two heating models optional: electric heating or oil heating, with or without a water cooling system.

•Hard chrome plate rolls with polished mirror surface, anti-corrosive, high temperature resistant.

•Adopt precision handle to adjust roll gap, digital display,0.1-8mm adjustable.

•The speed of two rolls can be fixed or adjustable with a constant friction ratio.

•Come with the emergency device to guarantee operator safety.

*Water cooling & steam heating ( temperature control unit as per client requirement)

•For masticating and kneading natural rubber, synthetic rubber, EVA or PVC.



Two Roll Rubber Open Mixing Mill is an amazing combination of innovation and technology that serves the purpose of mixing and kneading various forms of plastics and rubbers. The products industry of plastics and rubbers is raw rubber, synthetic rubber, thermoplastics, polymers, PVCs, EVA or Color masterbatch. It is highly usable in the industry that deals with plastics and rubbers.

The machine comprises rigid chrome plates that are mirror polished and anti-corrosive. The plates are highly resistant to the high temperatures, thus allowing the machine to work in a very systemized way as the material that is the result of the processing of this two-roll mixing mill is further used to feed calendars, hot presses, and various other kinds of machines that are used to manufacture and process multiple types of rubbers and rubbers and plastics.

This two-roll rubber opening mixing mill is based upon the option of the two-way heating model that involves electric heating or oil heating that is done either with the help of a water-cooling system, or it can be done without the use of a water-cooling system as well. The machine comes with a precision handle to adjust the roll gap.

This incredible piece of technology also allows the adjustment of the two rolls that can be fixed with a constant ratio. To ensure the user’s safety, they come with an option of an emergency device that ensures the user’s safety.


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