* PLC control, self-examination, alarm and interlock function

* Large color touch screen control, programmable, real time display time, temperature, torque

* With human-orientated design and easy to reload and clean

* Electric heating or/and water cooling optional for one machine

* Easy to operate and maintain, lower power consumption, stable and safe

* Mainly used for laboratory experiments ,researching and small-scale production

* Suitable for rubber, plastic, EVA, TPR etc


The small rubber kneader machine is also known as lab kneader mixer ,it is a type of dispersion kneader, consist of pneumatic control system, electric control system, tilting mechanism, mixing chamber, main driving system, dust sealing device, thermal resistance, rotor and cooling/heating system.


This laboratory rubber mixing machine featured with small volume, and lower power consumption,it is mainly used for mixing of small lot samples, such as natural rubber, EPDM, nitrile, synthetic rubber, rubber compound, plastic, EVA, TPR etc.Thus such laboratory kneader machine are widely used in factory lab, universities and R&D institutions for recipe researching and small-scale production.


The rubber kneader machine is suitable for mixing, kneading and dispersing chemical raw materials such as plastics, rubber, hot melt adhesive and various low viscosity materials.

We can custom made and supply a variety of capacity ,from 0.5L,1L,

3L,5L etc. Different needs can be customize as per your needs.


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