* Vulcanizer press machine, applicable to R & D in laboratory
*Consists of host, hydraulic systems, electrical control system
*Equipped with a high-performance hydraulic system with automatic pressure compensation function
*High precision and high wear-resistant to support strong load force and stable lifting
*Electric heating and PID temperature control to fast heat and precisely control the temperature
* It has a device of pressure, time, automatic temperature control device
* Suitable for producing o-ring, seal ring, rubber sheet, and other rubber products


Lab Rubber vulcanizing machine is also known as hydraulic press machinery or rubber vulcanizer.

According to different needs, there are three kinds of hydraulic press machines, they are column type, frame plate type, jaw type, and other styles.

The rubber vulcanizer machine mainly comprises of a host, hydraulic station, electric control system.  It has a device of pressure, time, and automatic temperature control system.

These vulcanizing press machines are mainly for rubber vulcanization, thermosetting plastics and insulation products of pression, it is widely used for R & D in laboratory and college or university lab or institute. It is appliable for rubber(include raw and synthetic rubber ), plastic, silicone material.

The hot plate and plunger are made of quality steel material, which features high wear-resistance and durability. The vulcanizing press machine can be equipped with model pulling and pushing devices to reduce work strength based on product requirements.

When processing, the raw materials is put into the mold between the electric boards, you need to set certain pressure and temperature. The  hydraulic press machine would form the raw material into the test specimen for test and the ingredient of mass production.

We stock and can custom-made all kinds of rubber vulcanizing press machines, ranging from 10ton,20ton, and 300ton


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