* Lab vulcanizing press equpment with PCL system
* Consist of  host, hydraulic systems, electrical control system
* Equipped with a high performance hydraulic system
* High precision and high wear-resistant to support strong load force and stable lifting
* Has two layer ,including heating and cooling plate
* Adopt electric heating and  tap water cooling system
* Temperature range: ~300 C at room temperature
* Pressing plate size  available in 300 X 300 and 500 X 500x60mm
*Available from 10ton to 300ton in manual and auto control


This high-precision PLC control hydraulic press vulcanizing machine is equipped with a PLC program control system with a touch screen, it is equipped with a high-performance hydraulic system with automatic pressure compensation function.

The vulcanizing press machine consists of host, hydraulic systems, electrical control system, it is divided into upper and lower double plates frame structure and adopt the forming mold and precision guidepost.

This vulcanizing press equipment has a device of pressure, time, automatic temperature control device, it can set pressure, temperature, time, and exhaust times and seconds. The rubber vulcanizer machine feature PID temperature control to fast heat and precisely control the temperature.

The rubber vulcanizer press machine has two working layers, its upper one is for the heating plate, which is heated by electricity and its lower one is a cooling plate, which is cooled by a tap water cooling system.

Our hydraulic press vulcanizer machine has the advantages of simple structure, high pressure, wide applicability, and high efficiency, they are suitable for rubber, plastic, resin, and other polymer materials compression molding, etc.

We custom and supply a variety of vulcanizing press machines, the capacity range from 10ton to 100 ton.

Technical Parameters

* Temperature range: ~300 C at room temperature
* Temperature control accuracy: + 1 degrees centigrade.
* Heating mode: stainless steel heating rod.
* Pressing plate size: 300 x 300 x 60mm
* Opening distance: 0~150mm
* Pressboard material: SKD chrome molybdenum alloy
* Pressure plate hardness: hard chrome plating on the surface. The surface hardness is more than HRC60
* Work layer: 1 work area, upper and lower pressure plate with heating and cooling function.
* Cooling mode: through water cooling, after the heating process, the system automatically switches to a cooling state.
* Gradient pressure: 2 segments, first and second stages can be preset.
* Exhaust times: 0~10 times
* Pressure sensor: 0-20Mpa
* Oil pressure system: GPY oil pump drive cylinder.
* Security protection: self-locking safety viewable door
* Motor Power :2.2kw
* Outline size (LXWXH): 950 x 500 x 1470mm
* Control system: SIEMENS control system, 7 Inch Touch screen. Display operation page


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