* Sigma mixer with ‘Z’ (SIGMA) shaped kneading blades
*Consiste of a U-shaped horizontal trough and ribbon agitator
*Equipped with two mixing blades placed in a W-shaped horizontal trough
*Used for uniform mixing of semi solid material and highly viscous materials ,including Chemical, Dyes & Pigments, PVC coatings, Rubber compounds etc
*High Mixing Precision, Short Batch Time, Problem free Cleaning and Residue Free Discharge
*Jacketed shell for heating or cooling by steam, oil, water etc
*Hydraulically lifting device with power pack for unloading
* We manufactuer sigma mixer kneader in capacity ranging from 5kgs to 500kgs


Ribbon blenders is also known as kneader mixer , it is a double arm mixer, designed to produce uniform mixing and kneading of highly viscous materials. the two “Z” blade rotate towards each others at same or different speed inside a W- shaped tough. The Sigma Blade Mixer machine is one of the most popular mixers for blending and kneading materials with high and medium-viscosity materials,suah as adhesives, agglutinates magnetic materials and chemical material mixing.

The Sigma Blade mixer is an kneader mixer which is used on different high viscous productions widely used in high viscous materials production, Food production

The Vacuum sigma mixer machine are suitable to produce highly viscous materials like different kinds of Chemical, Dyes & Pigments, Paint, Polymers Plastic, Putties, Plastic, Pharmaceuticals, Printing ink, stiff pastes, adhesives, polyester Compounds, flush colors, brake lining compounds, resign, soap, PVC coatings, Rubber compounds, Confectionery, Magnetic Tape Coatings, Ceramic, Carbon Black, doughs,, Food Products, Fiber Glass, Grease, Lead Storage Battery, Soap & Detergent etc.

Our Sigma Mixer are customized made as per your needs ,they are available in capabilities of 5, 10, 25,50, 100, 250, 350, 500 with power support of 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20,25, 30 HP.


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