* 0.5 litre small volumn laboratory kneader mixer
*Featured with small volume, and lower power consumption
*It mainly is used for mixing of small lot samples, such as rubber, plastic,EVA, TPR and other chemical material etc
*Constant & Variable Speed
*Semi- Automatic, Automatic & Fully Automatic PLC & HMI Base operating
*Widely used in unversity,institute research or for factory sample


Small lab dispersion kneader is specially designed for mixing rubber,chemical or plastic material, so that meet the requirement of high quality and even compounded material .

This clay kneader machine is also known as thermoplastic kneading Machine, mini lab kneader.it is specially used for mixing and kneading high-to super high-viscosity material.

The mini lab kneader machine adopt imported PLC control system .When processing ,the powerful shear foce generated by the two strong blades which rotate in opposite direction would maximize the best kneading effect.

The mini kneader machine featured with small volume, and lower power consumption,its mixing time is short,but its production efficiency is very  high, and the quality of the rubber compound is absoultely excellent.



* Hot-melt adhesives
*  Technical ceramics
* Manufacture of abrasives
* Graphite compounds
* Sealing compounds
* Lubricants
* Hard metal compounds


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