Two Roll Silicone Mixing Mill With PLC

Two Roller Open Mixing Mills
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Laboratory two roll mixing mill is one kind of mixing processing machinery with adjustable gap between rollers composed of two parallel rollers, it is mainyl used to mix and plasticize rubber (natural or synthetic) into various mixed uniform compounds material for calender machine

The laboratory two roll mill machine mainly consists of seat, frame, rubber, driving device, lubricator and cooler, range adjusting device of roller. etc. it is used to mix and knead raw materials and additives evenly ,it is suitable for  raw rubber, synthetic rubber, thermoplastics masterbatch or E.V.A.with chemicals into final materials.

Two roll rubber mixing mills machinery are mainly used in rubber product factory ,such as natural rubber refining, raw rubber and compound mixing, Rubber beating mixing and rubber tab letting.

The two rolls are made of vanadium titanium metal alloy chilled cast iron,whose hardness can reach up to 70HB.

The rolls are driven by a geared ac motor. The rear roll is driven by spur gears for a constant friction. Modifications for speed and friction are possible to meet individual requirements within certain steps.

These rubber mixing mills are mainly used in PVC, plastic,rubber , polyolefin, film, coil and polymer blending, pigments, masterbatch, stabilizers, stabilizers and other industries. After process by this rubber mixing mil ,the physical of raw material would change and contrast. Such as: color dispersion, light transmission, the gloss of the surface of the material, its strength, plasticity, hardness and so on.


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